Simple to use software giving teams the power to find better matched candidates,
develop talent pools and grow referral networks.


Features at a glance

Job posting

Fill in one form and post your job across the web (boards, social-media, company website etc.) in minutes.


No candidate left unanswered. Quick and easy emails sent automatically.

Candidate matching

Skill-matching and candidate ranking finds all the right candidates already in your talentpool.

Social network profiles

Grab a quick background check from candidates with idibu’s profile scanner.

2-Way SMS

Keep in touch via text – all managed inside the platform.

Media buying

Expert advice on which boards will work for you & benefit from idibu’s buying power!

Management information

Track application source and measure performance.

Branded CVs

Quickly share fully branded, anonymised CVs with your clients.

Automatic profiles

Once a CV is received, idibu creates a full profile page for that candidate so it’s easier to review, share and communicate.

Applicant landing pages

Filter out unsuitable candidates, apply via LinkedIn, Indeed etc. – all beautifully mobile responsive.

Candidate management

Create shortlists fast with custom staging and traffic light system.

Candidate search

Search your idibu talent-pool, external databases & social networks to find the right candidate.

Communication tracked

All emails & notes logged against the profile. Full document storage.

Mobile responsive

Fully optimised for use with all major phones and tablets so you can attract candidates wherever you are.

Video interviewing

Full video interviews all stowed away in the candidates profile record.